View Full Version : ATX Case hookup to Asus K7M

09-14-02, 03:42 AM
Here is a direct link to my mobo ftp://ftp.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/slota/k7m/k7m-104.pdf if you look on page 43 it shows you how to hook up the case to the mobo. My question is I have the power LED and the power switch the reset and the speakers hooked up, but I was wondering I have a 2 pin wire labeled HDD LED that I don't know where it goes and also I have 2 front usb ports and mic and headphone jack that has wires to run into the mob I also don't know where it goes.

There is a diagram also on page 43 right above the atx hookup labeled USB Connector but I don't know how to hook it up i have 9 1 pin wires for the usb front ports labeled 1+5V, 2+5V, 1-D, 1+D, 2-D, 2+D, 1 Ground, 2 Ground, Shield

If anyone can help I appreciate it. Thanks

09-14-02, 10:04 AM
For your HDD led look on page 39 at the top. It will say IDE activity light. Page 39 shows where to hook the USB at the mother board.

09-14-02, 03:18 PM
Ok I see the LED for the HD now but I don't see how to hook up the USB on page 39. I see on Page 43 but it doesn't match my wires???