View Full Version : Soyo Dragon Lite vs. Dragon+

09-13-02, 06:36 PM
i am looking at the KT333 version of these boards. i OC a bit, but only what an existant system will tolerate, rather than buying hardware expressly to OC.

lite has no RAID and not the same OCability, correct? i am at work now, and can't spare the time to research it. i will look some more when i get home tonight, but i just wanted to make sure i didn't miss anything.

any input is greatly appreciated.

thanks, guys.

09-14-02, 03:29 AM
Soyo's site has a "compare" feature that you can run. You chose their different products and it will compare them against each other. This should give you a good idea of the difference. If I remember correctly the raid feature was the only thing I noticed being different.