View Full Version : Won't boot up...??

09-13-02, 09:49 AM
here's what happened...

I installed 3rd hard drive on my controller card...western digital 40g...the other two drive are a Maxtor 60g and a fireball 9g. In the controller card boot screen the drives were listed as 60 / 9 / 40...

I partitioned the 40g hardrive into two sections installing windows xp on the 3500mb partition. My OS was originally installed on the 60g but I wanted to format that drive so I changed over to the 40g. Windows would not allow me to format the 60g drive saying that other disk operations were active so I loaded up windows again with the xp cd in the drive. I booted from the cd and went into the install windows screen...where I deleted the partition on the 60g drive and then created a new partition.

I then rebooted the puter and now all I get is the following message..

"Please press a key"

and this just cycles over and over again...but I installed windows xp on the 40g drive so I don't get it. I went into the bios and checked the boot up options...there was nowhere to put the puter to boot from the 40g drive anywhere.

Do I need to change the jumper settings on the drives at all..and if so..how???

Any help would be appreciated...thanks

09-13-02, 11:41 AM
Looks to me like you have to set the jumpers on the 40g HD since that's where your os is