View Full Version : Asusís P4S8X SiS 648 Motherboard article at GamePC

09-13-02, 07:43 AM
While I haven't liked SiS in the past, it's clear they are on the road to success with some new P4 chipsets. This Pentium IV board from Asus, with DDR-333 support....seems to be a great P4 board with some strong performance.


09-13-02, 12:31 PM
SiS has pulled off an incredible comeback. from bottom barrel budget buyers to blazing power to boast about!

also their IQ on ther video cards are nice.

09-13-02, 01:04 PM
SiS + RIMM 9600...:eek:

09-13-02, 05:13 PM
My friend that was upgrading just got one in from Newegg.com. Gonna help him set i t up tonight. Very nice board from the looks of it ...