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09-12-02, 11:23 PM
Today i was bored as heck so i decided to rebuild Granite baby. I swapped evrything to another case with better air flow since it's a working rig. Has more room too. Used to be my overclocking box b4 i got my new one i'm using now. It has 5 case fans:
80mm front intake-51cfm
80mm side intake-51cfm
92mm blowhole-58cfm
2-60mm rear exhaust-38cfm each

All these fans and the volcano's fan is louder lol.

Also swapped out the cdroms.

Can't wait to send in the Abit KR7A mobo i have for an RMA . I wanna use that instead of the AZZA board i have in there now.

The AZZA KT3-AV is a sdram board and i'm not really getting the horsepower i want with the pc133 ram @ 145. With the Abit board, i'll be able to install at least 512mb of ddr ram and also have the overclocking features as well. The AZZA board does'nt overclock. I can only raise the fsb. I still have a stick of 256mb of Crucial DDR PC2100 which i'll use. It'll run @ PC2700 speeds so that'll be ok.

Now i still have an xtra case and i dunno what to do with it. Really nice box too.

4-cdrom bays
3-HD bays ( including 1 floppy )
Front 80mm
Rear 80mm

Any ideas on what to do with it?

09-13-02, 07:56 AM
Spare parts? Build a spare box and get FOLDING !

09-13-02, 08:21 AM
Hey guys,
I know that we like to have fun and joke around, however, I must ask that you tone it down and stay on topic in the tech forums...

Spam posts and such have no place in the tech forums...

The spam posts were deleted by me. ;)