View Full Version : Embedded Digital Certificates

09-11-02, 11:25 PM
Just read about Intels new project of placing "Embedded Digital Certificates" in all their hard ware, CPU's. And for several DVD players who have or will be doing the same thing.

I for one if this comes to pass hope that the other chip makers, and DVD players do NOT follow suit. They will pick up a larger share of the market if they don't.

Getting a little closer to BIG BROTHER is watching you.

09-11-02, 11:34 PM
At lest one combany will market non Embedded Digital Certificates

Im am stongly for the stoping of Pirated Stuff But yet i do not want any combany Telling me what i can and cant have or spying and selling my info or any thing ells for that matter i think we should start up a partion