View Full Version : I need a Monitor but.......what one =(

09-11-02, 04:12 PM
My monitor is going out n while its still functioning I want to know a few things.

What makes for a good monitor? I havent shopped for a mon n so long i forget.

.25mm is better than .27 correct? Whats a good refresh rate, n how the screen draws n so forth.

Let me know people, thanks for the info

09-11-02, 04:17 PM
What size you're looking for and how much you willing to spend?

You can try looking here:


Or here:


09-11-02, 07:43 PM
I just need to know info. I'm gonna get a 17 inch n around 200 bucks. I'd like it to be cheaper but i'm willing to spend for a good monitor. I got plenty of sites to get them.


just to name a few......just need to know what to buy.

09-11-02, 07:52 PM
I like muh Sony Trinitron 19" a whole lot. Crispy, bright...and the sexy black case *rubs monitor*.

Mosey down to Circuit City/Best Buy/Comp USA and have a gander at em. Paw at em, find what options blow yer skirt up and then dive into www.mysimon.com and find the deal that ya like. Monitors are a subjective kinda thing. Something I like might give you gas/festering sores ya know? BUT stick to brands that carry a warranty and are regarded as quality...I.E. Sony, Mitsu, ViewSonic and the like. Don't go spend 400 bucks on a knockoff, unless ya know the brand.

09-11-02, 07:52 PM
At lest 100 on the refresh or around ther and just go with a brand name you like

09-11-02, 07:59 PM
Sony and Viewsonic are both excellent monitors. My wife has a flat screen Samsung that is actually pretty good too..

09-11-02, 08:06 PM
I have the Viewsonic A70f 17" flat screen. I got it from bestbuy for $199 with a $40 rebate and i luv it !

Samsung, Sony and NEC are really great monitors too.

09-11-02, 10:23 PM
i went to www.tigerdirect.com (which subcontracts to systemax which is right down the road from me) N they got Viewsonics n there. Who knows though i'm an impulse buyer thats why i was looking for ideas :) THanks guys

09-11-02, 10:29 PM
Anytime ! remember to take your time and look for quality + a great deal!

And save some money for after shopping. You're gonna get hungry ;)

09-11-02, 10:38 PM
I came into a little extra money a few months ago and purchased a 17" LCD monitor. LOVE IT. Everything is so sharp and crisp and the space it saves on my desktop is amazing. Cost was 2-3 times regular CRT monitors, but it's been well worth it.

09-11-02, 10:58 PM
Keep in mind that your monitor will be with you a long time and should out last your puter by a long time...
Also remember to be good to your eyes... ;)

Personally, I like .24 AGP (aperture grille pitch), I wouldn't want anything >.25
(basically multiply dot pitch x .8 for stripe pitch, found in Trinitrons)

Also, be sure it has 85Hz at your desired resolution...

Interlaced Refresh is not good as it refreshes every other line...
N.I. or non interlaced is best...

Be good to your eyes, you only have 2...

09-11-02, 11:09 PM
Originally posted by LT-73

Samsung, Sony and NEC are really great monitors too.

Yupie Yupie :nod:
I had good experience with Samsung and NEC :)

09-12-02, 07:07 AM
Viewsonic for me in the CRT area. 17" under 200 bucks though....you'll be getting a very basic model. The A and E series are their budget monitors. I like the G series.....if you're into more demanding graphic quality...but you'll be paying near or over 300 bucks. But much sharper picture. Viewsonic also makes a value line called Optiquest. Usually priced a bit less, but the same tubes as the Viewsonics. I've had great luck with those.

Where I work, we sell a lot of monitors, mostly NEC, Samsung, Viewsonic, and KDS. I've come to like Viewsonic the best after having my hands on thousands of monitors. We dont' sell Sony's anymore, but I still have a nice Multiscan 17sfII...and I love it also.

In just about all brands of monitors, in the same size category, they usually have at least 3 levels of monitors....entry level, mid range, and high end. Entry level for the average joe AOL user....average refresh rate, mid range dot pixels and refresh rates. Then the mid range monitors....hundred bucks more or so for the same size...but higher quality tube with smaller dot pixel size for sharper pictures, faster refresh rate...good for gamers and those who sit in front of their computer all day long. Then the high end monitors...much smaller dot pixel, faster refresh rate still, and support for much higher resolutions. For graphics professionals such as design, CAD, etc.

Just remember, the monitor is your main interaction with the computer, it's performance affects you THE MOST...eye strain, headaches, etc, will happen if you use your computer a lot, and you pick out an el-cheapo monitor. My advice is don't skimp here.