View Full Version : modded/upgraded a friend's dell (pics)

el bob
09-11-02, 03:02 PM
i'll post this in modding too since it concersn both forums

its on the [h] because theforumisdown.com does not provide hosting to sg forums


you like?

mounted 92mm in back (was preiously secured by plastic that lined up with a plastic shroud)
made cuts necessary for 80mm in the front and mounted 80mm
modded the proprietary dell pcb for power, reset, power led, and hdd led to make it compatible with standard two pin plugs for reset, pwr led, and hdd led, and 3 pin for power switch
minifanbus for the 80 and 92
reconfig of mounting posts to allow for a standard atx mobo
i/o plate modding
LOTS of work on cable folding/routing

09-11-02, 03:16 PM
It needs a good ole can of Klyron spraypaint and you'll be finished. :p