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09-11-02, 06:46 AM
Okay. I've spend so much money on other parts, I didnt have a lot left. I got a fantastic deal from office depot using two coupons and a rebate, an envision 910e for 100. It's a 19" monitor and It's okay, almost.

I cant seem to bring the refresh rate above 60. I'm running at 1152x864/32bit/60mhz. It's rated for 85 at 1600x1200. I did install the monitor driver, but any higher and the corners shake. Even now, it's a TINY bit shaky everywhere. The refresh is so low, it's giving me headaches after just six hours on the computer!

Is there a fix for this, a program or video driver I might use? Could it be related to my radeon, or does my monitor
just plain s*ck?

09-11-02, 06:47 AM
on boot, the screen looks like ( )... not round, but rounded.

It's only have windows is loaded that is evens out.

09-11-02, 07:00 AM
Is it worth trying a more standard resolution if your monitor runs better at it? If you use your computer often, I'd say it's a MUST that you run your resolution at at least 85 mHz....as you noticed, eye strain and headaches. Tis one of the reasons I insist on...if you must try to save on a budget, don't do your saving on your monitor....it's your most important output device of your computer...not a place to skimp on.

Things to play with....as you've noticed, Windows own plug and play standard monitor driver isn't adequate, I always manually specify the monitor to the exact brand/model, or download the driver from the makers website.

Then play with your resolution, and try to manually specify the refresh rate, as "optimal" is never optimal....setting to at least 85 mHz is a must for me.

Your resolution, have you tried others...1280x1024 is what I run on my 19". Other little adjustments in between are 1280x720/768/960....have you gone through those? Is 32bit desktop a must, how about 16 bit?

If still not happy with it, take it back, upgrade.

09-11-02, 08:12 AM
I think the quality of the monitor is questionable, but make sure you're using a shielded VGA cable with ferrite cores, then make sure there are no other devices plugged into the same outlet that may cause AC interference.

I had a problem with my waterpump causing my Dell P1110 to jiggle, so i plugged the pump into another wall outlet and it doesn't jiggle anymore.

Every monitor uses different settings for different resolutions and refresh rates, so just adjust the pincusion of the monitor while you're in the "boot up text" mode.