View Full Version : heat ?

09-11-02, 04:26 AM
is 53*C hot for amd cpu?

no oc'ing either

09-11-02, 05:25 AM
on the high end yes, max temp i consider OK is 55C if ur case is crowded or small or has little/bad air flow then thats whats fXckin ur temps up, what HSF u got and how is ur case cooled?

also did u use artic silver?

09-11-02, 05:31 AM
Cooler Master DP5 7H53F

mid server case, no xtra fans......how do i find the arctic silver thingy out?
i didnt build it...

09-11-02, 05:51 AM
well i think it has a thermal pad, not as good as AS but ok, i'd get and intake fan and exhaust fan. draw air in, in the front bottom, pull air out from the top back. this is if u have places to put the fans.

who made the PC?

09-11-02, 06:38 AM
ok kewl i will try that .....
someone that will never be doing any kind of puter stuff for me ever again.......but im not bitter!!
thnx for the nfo