View Full Version : using a gig of ram in windows2k

09-08-02, 09:03 PM
I upgraded the bios thinking it will fix my memory promblem.
My asus board can support up to 1.5gigs of ram I tired it before with lower verison of firmware didn't work. I have win2k installed I was wondering if there is a trick i don't know about. I cant run the bus at a slower speed with my chip it locks it at 1.33 take that back I could have the ram run at 125ms or 145ms or something or rather any help will be great thank you. They system is running but all of a sudden i got memory error.
i have the tuv4x (board model)

09-09-02, 08:45 AM
No trick you have to do to Win2K....I'm guessing you have a bum stick of RAM in the mix, or a mixture of incompatible sticks of RAM.

09-09-02, 08:51 AM
there all sticks of 133mhz sdram I'm wonder hear this out if this will work my board has 4 slots for the ram if I add another stick the new bios is suppose to diasable cas timming. Or something like that. I have one stick of 512 and 2 256mbs