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09-08-02, 08:20 AM
What are the names of a couple Decent Priced Low respons time LCD for games

09-09-02, 07:50 AM
So far, just some Solarism's have been blessed by some test sites as fast enough for gaming.


Samsung makes what I and many believe are some of the best quality LCD's out there, but they're still not quite fast enough for gaming...some ghosting on them.

Viewsonic is to launch a very fast LCD this fall...I'm sure it will be affordable.

This fall several makers have heard the gaming markets cry for faster LCD's....and many new models are due to come out this fall/winter....designed towards gamers.

Do a search on this forum for LCD's...I've done a tons of posts with links to many articles on LCD's and gaming.

09-09-02, 11:38 AM
i have a samsung and have never seen any ghosting on it except when playing MOH. (Unreal 2003 and others show no ghosting)

Strange huh?

But really, you should try it out for yourself, that's the only worthwhile test.

09-09-02, 12:08 PM
do ne of you have a link to see actual ghosting, im not sure what is is, i know it is kinda like a moving person in a pic, but i dont know to what degree

09-09-02, 01:00 PM
Originally posted by aagiants
do ne of you have a link to see actual ghosting, im not sure what is is, i know it is kinda like a moving person in a pic, but i dont know to what degree

I haven't seen any website post pictures of ghosting. It happens in fast first person shooter type games.....where the movement is very fast, and "some" users with critical eyes can pick up a blurry image, or shadow, left behind as a fast moving object moves quickly across the screen. It's caused by the LCD monitor not being fast enough...trying to "catch up" to the picture. Say a player moves quickly...the pixel which previously drew some part of the players skin suddenly has to change and show whatever is in the background behind the player...say a wall, or hill, tree, ect. You kind of end up with a blurry image in the trailing edge of whatever object moved quickly.

I've tried 2x Samsung monitors....and much as I love them for standard monitor use, for gaming, I have to wait, not fast enough for me. The Solarism 15 is very fast, but their 17" is standard, so I'm waiting for a new model this fall. I can get any monitor I wish for wholesale price, even a demo model for cheaper if I try...but I'm very picky, hence I'm still waiting.

Here's some reading for you:





I know most people hate Toms Hardware, but here's a link to his monitor page, there are about a half dozen good articles comparing many brands of LCD's....read them all.


And did you check out Solarism's main page?