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09-07-02, 09:17 PM
I have a stange sound LOUD whirl/humming comming either from my PSU or harddrive can pin down which one it is. I unplug the harddrive and all fans and the strange sound it not there. But when I plug back in my harddrive I hear the sound that I *think* is comming from the PSU. Should I get a new PSU or hardrive?

09-07-02, 09:22 PM
Could be the Hard drive

09-07-02, 09:43 PM
Yup...you have an extra drive? try to power up your comp with that HD to see if the sound still there :)

09-08-02, 12:25 AM
No, it's been on off off for about a month now, should I back-up?

09-08-02, 02:34 AM
Yeah you should back up. Looks to me that hard drive is gonna take a dive soon.

Get a Western Digital or a maxtor. Highly recommended.

09-08-02, 02:44 AM
Originally posted by LT-73
Get a Western Digital or a maxtor. Highly recommended.

I'd avoid Maxtors, especially since they're going to a 1-year warranty soon. Get a Western Digital Special Edition.

09-08-02, 03:07 AM
WD :nod::nod:

09-08-02, 03:54 AM
Think I go WD I still have a working 1.2gb one form 8 years ago. Some bad sectors though. Any suggestions? 60~80 gigs should be fine.

09-08-02, 03:55 AM
An 80Gig will do nicely ;)

Make several partitions and you'll have tons of space for all your files and apps.

Hey Recondite, i have a few maxtor dives that are well over 3 years old and they still work like a charm. I also have my 2 new maxtor quiets and i luv em.

I'll only work with Maxtor or WD. Maybe Quantum also, but my luvs are maxtor and WD :p

09-08-02, 07:21 AM
My Maxtor 40 gb ata/100/133 7200 rpm makes that sound when I power down the computer - it sound's like a Turbo-

Duzmor:D :D

Duz !!

09-08-02, 11:35 AM
just a thought but are you sure it's not the fan in your psu?
you should be able to tell by sticking your ear next to the air outlet on your psu...

sorry if you done this already... ;)

The Dude
09-08-02, 01:42 PM
Put a straw to your ear and then put the other end on your PS and then hard drive to figure out which one is making the noise. If it turns out to be the power supply my guess is the fan is slowing down. If you have software to monitor your system like mother board monitor, check the voltage readings to see if they are dipping during hard drive access.

09-08-02, 01:47 PM
Ok, I try to find out next time it makes that kind of noise it comes on and off and never stays :(

09-09-02, 12:47 AM
Ok, it's my PSU for sure. Is this a good one? Thx for the input.


09-09-02, 12:44 PM
Heheh - well we gone and saved you the cost of a new hard drive! That's what we're here for ;)

Can't tell if the psu is good or not, can't seem to find any specs.
350W should be alright for your sig setup but you should check out the combined output of the 3V and 5V lines - at least 200W for those and higher the better.

If you wanna splash out, you can try getting a brand name psu e.g. enermax, antech etc etc