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09-07-02, 10:39 AM
ASUS AV8X KT400 over at newegg.com for about $170USD+:


Kinda' sucks knowing that I just picked up the A7V333. But I'll wait for the revision anyway the price to drop at the end of Q4.

09-07-02, 11:03 AM
Serial ATA... ;) I think that I will stick to SCSI though...
I have the A7V333 and I am happy with it for now.
Debating on building a dually, but wanting to wait until Sledgehammer comes to town... ;)

09-07-02, 01:46 PM
Good decision Ken, not sure if i want to go dually yet, not into web building and all that but one day I probably will. Probably when I get all three of my rig designs built and stablized (one of course will be dually). But if I do, waitin' on the "Hammers" the right thing to do. If I've waited this long to upgrade to the A7V333 from the old 133 boards, then I could hold out a little for the Hammers.
How is that ASUS of yours btw? OC'd? I'm foolin' around with it now and then but havin' minor stability probs. I don't think I got it set right - first time I'm OC'ing through BIOS for my old board was almost nil OC'ing what-so-ever just FSB dip switches.

Good thing about the A7V333 is that it has that C.O.P. feature keepin' me from fryin', if you know what I mean.

If you got yours OC'd, got any suggestions for me? **Look @SIG for spex...Thanks in advance....

09-07-02, 01:47 PM
Abitt- Has their New board out the- Abitt KD7 - Kt400 - $139.00 over at Newwegg- It Looks like the VIA KT-400 MotherBoards are comeing Out !!!

Duzmor:D :D

Duz !!