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09-07-02, 10:28 AM
I've never used a mobo with "jumperless mode" before and I don't want to "fry" anything just yet. My last mobo was a Giga-byte 7IXE4 that had no OC'ing ablities whatsoever but FSB dipswitches.

Now I upgraded to the ASUS A7V333 and a stick of Samsung DDR333 defaulting @ cl2.5-3-3-6. Everything is still set@default in BIOS as far as voltage/clocks go. I am still stuck with an Athlon T-bird 1.1Ghz CPU (L1-unlocked w/pencil trick) that's showing a multiplier of 11 as default. Stuck with this until the Athlon XP 2200-2600 have a decent price.

So what do you suggest or where (sites) can I go to see some good examples of OC'ing this T-Bird on this mobo. Thanks in advance....

09-07-02, 10:37 AM
Its pretty easy once the cpu is unlocked.

Why don't you drop the multi to say around 10
Then start raising the fsb in increments of 5

Also you might want keep an eye on the vcore and vdimm. If you start to get lock ups, not bsod's, then raise the vcore up a notch and the vdimm as well.

If you get bsod, then back off a little bit. that's pretty much it.

Once you've got the max from the cpu, and fsb, try your memory timings a bit more agressive.

Run Toast or 3Dmark to see if it's stable and that's it !

I dunno about examples, you just gotta feel the board out. Don't go crazy upping the fsbs and voltages too fast !. Just go alittle bit at a time, 5 increments at a time until you've reached the peak.

Good luck and have fun ! :D

09-07-02, 10:49 AM
Thanks LT-73, I'll try that. I kinda' knew how to raise FSB in increments but never through the BIOS. Also I heard of/seen "vcore" settings but don't think I've heard of "vdimm" but I'll look in BIOS and figure it out I'm pretty sure you're talkin' about volts for DIMM slots though. I'll try it out and get back with you guys on results for feedback. Btw, read your thread congrats on your OC'ing, maybe when my AXP comes in I can finally get where you're going....