View Full Version : how can I make my speakers louder?

09-06-02, 04:45 PM
Volume Control - play control / wave direct sound all the way up
Winamp - all the way up

I need to go louder, no knob on speakers or anything

09-06-02, 05:34 PM
well if it is just little desktop speakers then they can only go so loud then they sound like crap and go bad anyway

I bought a nice 4 point surround system by altec-lansing (creative) for less than 100 bux and it kicks ass

09-06-02, 05:48 PM
I have 2 speaker and a sub, these speakers are huge

but I cant get any louder! Its loud enough to play games etc... not for music

09-06-02, 05:49 PM
What kind of card, On-board or PCI?

The SB PCI Audio 128 (Ensoniq's) had a "jumper" on the card that enable a nice little boost. Did not notice this on the SB Audigy though...

If On-board, the ASUS AV7333 (C-Media) has the same thing only that its for supposedly Bass, Bass1 & Bass2 settings. Although I did not notice a "massive" Boost in sound. But then again, the overall sound was not that bad at all to begin with. Believe it or not, it is actually louder than my SB PCI Audio 128 card that I yanked out btw (no real need for three sound solutions for now but they all ran great together - no conflicts!!!).

09-06-02, 07:12 PM
PCI, Sound Blaster LIVE!

09-07-02, 07:15 AM
Download and install Logitech Z-560 from your local computer store..:D

09-07-02, 10:06 AM
Originally posted by tHE_0ne
PCI, Sound Blaster LIVE!

Not sure about that card, never used it as I went straight for the SB Audigy (output signal was decent with Creatives FPS1500 4channel spkrs) nice sound and neighbors within 30yards complain, so all is good.

But like I mentioned, check your jumper layouts and see if you can adjust them like the SB PCI 128.

**Just a thought/question, are your speakers pre-amped like most Computer speakers? Or are they more or less "rigged" like a friend of mine has them?

****Nice "avatar" of my friend Natasha Yi by the way. ;)