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09-06-02, 02:01 PM
ok I got the 9x boot disk save the new bios on there and also the awd flash program booted to a:
then typed awdflash a:\1005.awd---------the lastest revison of bios of course.

I get there program and it saids the 1005.awd is being programmed and that's it nothing more nothing less the revison doesn't show in the bios screen what the heck idon't know what i'm doing wrong i followed the directions any ideals thank you

Also it's an asus board tuv4x award bios of course the flash porgram is awd flash if you need more info let me know.

09-06-02, 02:15 PM
Make sure you haven't 'disabled' flashing of the bios in the BIOS setup program..

When a flash is done correctly, you should get a message stating it was successful.

09-06-02, 02:29 PM
and what if it was disabled then what i have to check it later

09-06-02, 02:43 PM
Enable it to 'allow flashing' of the bios to do a flash. The after you do the flash, and if (and only if) it is successful, disable it again.

Keep in mind you should reset to defaults after a successful flash in most cases, (if not all) or you may get an error on first boot.

If the flash succeeds, reboot to the BIOS setup program , and set to defaults. Then reboot, and disable 'allow flashing'

It is always best to NOT allow flashing of a BIOS, until you you're self want to do a flash. New viruses have been written to write to the bios (same goes for CMOS Virus Protection), and will effectively make your machine unbootable if they do.

09-06-02, 03:37 PM
okay i got the right flash proing enter it i selected opting to update bios i typed in the new bios name wich is 1005.awd it said it went sucessful but i still see the old one when i rebot wtf?

09-06-02, 03:51 PM
You got me....

Maybe the file you have is named wrong, or it doesn't update the bios screen with the new bios version.

09-06-02, 04:07 PM
i got it what happen was i need to put revison 1003.award in first then 1005.awd thanx for the help though

09-06-02, 04:10 PM
Glad you got it figured out. Nothing worse than a bad flash. (well almost nothing)

Is the bios screen showing the updated version now?

09-06-02, 04:15 PM
oh yeah now i got a gig of ram too that's the only reason i did it

09-06-02, 04:17 PM
Good stuff :)