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09-06-02, 12:27 AM
Hey this tower right here comes with two fans they are both in the back where could I buy two more fans to go in the front there is a slot for them here are the specs can't find any on new eggs site to go with the chieftec under case aceessories.

CHIEFTEC Server Chasis (Aluminum Workstation Tower with Plastic Front Cover) Black w/acrylic window Color; 420 Watts AMD Approved Power Supply Front Accessible: 4 x 5.25", 2 x 3.5", Internal: 4 x 3.5". Power Supply: Turbo Link (P4) 420 watts ATX 12V- w/ 2 Case Fans Compare to Antec SX1040 and Save Weights Only 18LBs! Model#: CS-153-104 Click Here for other Color -OEM FedEx Saver Shipping $18.00

Here is the link


09-06-02, 12:33 AM
They snap in. Most any 80 mm fans will work. Make sure you get the right pigtail to hook into your power supply.



09-06-02, 12:37 AM
I like it.:nod:

09-06-02, 12:50 AM
How do I make sure they have the right pigtail.?

09-06-02, 01:34 AM
Hey Hybird only thing I don't like is there is no front access to firewire and usb ports>

09-06-02, 01:59 AM
shweeeeeet case cameron ! I think i'll get one for my next work of art ;)

09-06-02, 02:04 AM
Hey only thing that sucks is no front access to usb. Can't have everything though

09-06-02, 02:06 AM
You guys need to start posting pics of your computers so I can steal your ideas ok LOL

09-06-02, 02:22 AM
Originally posted by Cameron203
You guys need to start posting pics of your computers so I can steal your ideas ok LOL

hmmmmm, i dunno.........are you from the "other" forums trying to steal our ideas, hmmmm? :p

I'll post pics of marblelicious as soon as i get off my lazy butt and buy a camera. This webcam i have takes lousey pics and you can't really see the beauty of my rig ;)

You can always add extra usb's in the back like i did. i have 6. The 2 that's onboard and 4 xtra ones that hook up to the mobo.

09-06-02, 02:24 AM
I wanna see em'. Hurry and post everyone show and tell has come to speedguide.

09-06-02, 06:36 AM
thank you downhill... for the plycon.com site.......tis kewl and they have nifty gadgets there.....like this one: