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09-03-02, 05:58 PM
I have a strange problem with one of my computers causing problems again.

The system specs are as follows.

Windows 98se (all updates)
Latest Direct X
SBlive value (latest drivers)
gforce 2 gts 64mb (latest drivers)
3com nic
40 gig wd hard drive
Asus p3b-f (latest bios)
p3 800e
ie 5.5 all updates
128mb sdram

I will occasional get lockup while web surfing if you scroll the page with the mouse wheel or the sliders.

While trying to play RTCW the game will sometimes lock up and a screaching sound comes from the speakers.

While trying to play Civ. 3 the same thing happens.

I've tried disabling sound and they still lock up.

I can run a quake 3 time demo over and over with no lock ups.

Counter strike plays fine, I've fragged for hours with out any problems.

I run Adobe pagemaker on this system as well as GoLive and photoshop without a problem.

I've tried a 32mb gforce, with the same results.

I've tried all AGP settings. is 32mb 64mb etc...

I've tried and old 8mb rage AGP video card and I can not get the system to lock up. Of course I can't play Civ. 3 or rtcw with this card but no internet lock ups.

Awhile back I worked on this and put it off as an AGP voltage problem. But if this is true why would civ. 3 cause lockups, it is not really graphic intense.

I've tried different sticks of ram in different slots all with similar results.

If I could find a good board that I could use this 8003 in I'd replace the board. Does it sound like a mobo AGP problem?


09-04-02, 08:19 AM
What is your power supply, wattage wise? I'd hope at least a 230 with an nVidia.

Is your vid card sharing an IRQ with any other device? Hopefully not. If so, remove whatever is in your top PCI slot, that device will usually share an IRQ with your AGP card.

Disable any legacy devices that you aren't using, in the BIOS. Example, the old 9 pin serial COM ports...if you're not using them, turn them off. Frees up resources. COM1 and COM2 use IRQ 4 and 3 respectively...I usually turn them off, and stick a sound card or RAID card into one of those IRQ's. Also if you're not using the old printer port, as many peeps now use USB printers....turn if off...frees up IRQ 7.

That board is using the rock solid 440bx chipset....do you have the latest Intel chipset drivers installed? If not, download 'em here and install them:

Cooling fan still working properly on your video card? And CPU?

09-05-02, 11:32 AM
Do you have another sound card you could try? Those SBLives are famous for fubaring systems. It could cause problems even if the sound was disabled.