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09-03-02, 12:01 PM
Clipped this from SiSandra

Memory Modules

Memory Module 1 : Micron 256MB 16x(16Mx8) DDR-SDRAM PC2100U-2533-750 (CL2.5 upto 133MHz) (CL2 upto 100MHz)

Memory Module 2 : 256MB 16x(16Mx8) DDR-SDRAM PC2100U-2533-750 (CL2.5 upto 133MHz) (CL2 upto 100MHz)

My stepfather had this rig built for my birthday and bought both these stick of RAM labled as Samsung original..He specifically wanted SAMSUNG brand and both sticks chips are labled as such but as you see one says Micron and the other dosent give a name..He wants to know was he ripped off...

Thanks in advance.....

09-03-02, 02:03 PM
dont belive so, its possible it is micron relabeled samsung. I know some somsung sticks are unbelievable for OC'in, like the CTL version, DTL is ok as well, but not as good, tell me the numerica and letter label on the memory

09-03-02, 02:22 PM
Both sticks are labled the same but are different in appearence...The comp is doing a burn-in right now so I dont wanna mess with it...I will get the label and some pics posted ASAP,should be early tomarror morning...I really hope it's not relabled because my Stepfather knows and has delt with both vendors,one is even a Coworker..My Stepfather is verrrry outspoken and it will most certainly cost both vendors alot of bussiness..One is scheduled to build three more rigs for my Stepfather when all parts arrive,that my be ending..

Thanks for the input and I'll get the labels posted ...