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08-29-02, 11:56 PM
...for my SLR tellies:
Lenses are a 200, a 300, and a doubler.

I got the aluminum box for $10 at Savon in the cosmetics dept. They usually put $5 worth of girlie stuff in them and sell them for $30.

I lined it with closed-cell foam. The center divider is a piece of stainless sheet formed to a slight Z shape and wrapped with 1/8" foam.

08-30-02, 01:01 AM
Pretty spiffy if ya ask me:)

Nice job

09-01-02, 02:34 AM
John, I saw some at a Harbor Freight store a couple of years ago that would be about right for you. If they have a store near you, it may be worth a visit.

This one is larger than mine but probably still too small: