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08-28-02, 09:07 AM
I have a Dazzle DVC (USB) device for my [cheap (gift)] video camera (composite out). I had to install their MovieStar software to capture the video, but I hate it. Note, their software works, but sucks. I've used Premiere and Microsoft's Movie Maker in the past, but not with this Dazzle system. I'd like to use Premiere, but from what I've seen online, Premiere WILL NOT work. Movie Maker is supposed to work with the Dazzle 80 (USB?), but I have yet to see any mention to the Digital Video Creator (DVC). I've got the updates for the MovieStar software (updated drivers for Windows XP), but MS Movie Maker still won't recognize the Dazzle device.

I know I can solve this real quick by buying a nice camera that has firewire, but I'm trying to make this work for now. anyone know anything about this? Perhaps I should look at other software options? Also, the only reason I got this Dazzle DVC is because it was marked down to $90 with rebate. :)

09-03-02, 03:03 PM
...bump... anyone?

09-08-02, 01:07 AM
I don't know about Movie Maker. I'd try updating that software, as well as whatever software/drivers Dazzle has on their site.

As far as Premiere goes, unless Dazzle makes a windows capture driver (the last Dazzle product I used didn't have one), you're outta luck.

As far as I can say, even if the Dazzle software sucks, if it CAPTURES fine, then use it for just that. Edit and compress with a 3rd party program and avoid the hassle.