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08-07-02, 09:57 PM
Not digital, but a lens for my SLR. Probably of little interest here but I'm so happy about it I have to tell someone. I was the ONLY BIDDER for this. I had lost out on a similar one a while back where I was outbid at over $300.


It's beautiful. There are no marks on the camera mount so I don't think it's ever been used. The seller is only a few miles away so I met with him today and gave him cash.

Happy, happy day!

08-07-02, 10:58 PM

It looks to be a what? 400mm? Huge...what mount?

The add dosn't say or I missed it.

Wow....a hundred and a quarter? Nice. :)

08-07-02, 10:58 PM
WoW Poptom, thats wonderful!

Great buy! Enjoy it ! :D

08-07-02, 11:34 PM
Originally posted by downhill
It looks to be a what? 400mm? Huge...what mount?

It's a 300 and it's only 7 1/2" long. It has the old Exacta/Topcon mount. Collectors have driven the prices way up so a user has to pay like they're museum pieces.

Here's one of the two huge ones they made, both of which I'd like to get but I'd have to do some explaining here at home.


I have several Topcons, not made since 1978 but the lenses are marvellous. The pros used to have them modified to fit their Nikons. I bought my first one in 1964 and my wife still uses it regularly.