View Full Version : Brushed Aluminum Foil Sticker Sheets

06-06-02, 09:50 PM
I received some of the Brushed Aluminum Foil Sticker Sheets from this site, Locustom:


It is actually cheaper than the price it shows as I paid $11 each for 2 sheets of 15" x 24". <$24 total with shipping...

It came Priority mail (Really a fast and inexpensive way to ship lesser value orders... ;) ), rolled in a tube.

I unrolled it on top of my LianLi and it looks good! It is a nice & thick grade... I may do a mini review on it with pics, when I get a chance (and Philip's camera! :p )

Give the site a look as Mike has some good stufferz in there... ;)
All kinds of stickers for cars, mountain bikes, even custom made stickers...

I liked the stuff so much that I spammed it in the General Forum!


06-09-02, 06:06 PM
Hey John,
Mine doesn't say anything, it is just a sheet of brushed aluminum to use for various things. Maybe cut out some circles and replace the manufacturer stickers in the middle of the fans, I don't know yet, but I will come up with a use for it! :D

These guys make anykind of stickers. Expensive "Flames" for cars, (instead of having the flames painted on, for example...)

Click on the link and look through the galleries and you will see what I mean... ;)

You could use the brushed aluminum sheets to cover your monitor and make it look like an aluminum monitor... ;)

Lot's of stuff. I ordered a couple of sheets to see the quality... You know that I am a person that likes quality... ;) :p