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06-03-02, 01:14 AM
In order to make good blowholes, you need the right tools. Fight the temptation to take the easy way out.

This is not the correct tool for making holes:

Please consider using one of these two tools:

Again, this is not the correct tool for making holes:

Although some folks recommend buying hole saws for your power drill, these items are expensive and often of very little use after you've drilled the hole(s). I recommend a dremel tool as you can use it for many things.

Class will continue after you've picked up the appropriate tools.

06-03-02, 08:49 AM
:rotfl: :rotfl: :D

The Thunder Continues......................
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06-03-02, 01:04 PM
but you'll forget that that the fast way, and the fun one too!!!!!