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06-01-02, 09:46 PM
looks like we have a few peeps building up systems this weekend.

here's my project:

here's the case (will have a 400W Sparkle PSU)


here's the lot of the parts (2x1GHz PIII, Abit VP6, 512MB, Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI host, 3-channel Mylex Ultra2 (i think.... it's 20MB/sec per channel * 3 channels) SCSI RAID controller (i know it's slow, but it'll still gang the channels together and yield ~30MBps in RAID 5. it'll just be for data anyways), 2 9GB Quantum 10K RPM drives, and 3 4GB older SCSI drives (for the RAID array), SCSI CD-ROM and burner, Matrox G450 (hey, it's for a server :p ), turtle beach sound, etc. nothing really that impressive, i know.


here's one of the Mylex SCSI RAID controller (can you say "full length PCI"?).


here's the SMP board (VP6) with the CPUs and HSFs.


woohoo! nothing like drinkin' beer and bulding a monster (well, a modest monster by today's standards).

06-01-02, 09:54 PM
VERY nice!!!

jeez, how much did that cost?

Where did you get your HD cooler at?

06-01-02, 10:04 PM
thanks a lot, tHE_One. that hard drive cooler i bought at Fry's maybe 2 years ago. can't remember how much it was.

and this is all stuff i had laying around (and a freind had laying around as well), so the total cost to me was for a new PSU (~$40). of course money was spent along the line, but today i only had to buy a new PSU.

el bob
06-01-02, 10:29 PM
sweet stuff you have there

i built a system in january but it seems like such a long time since i have bult a system

06-01-02, 10:47 PM
that "slow" server of yours is about 50 times as fast as my server, it has a whopping 450 MHz celery running on an old 440bx board..slot celery (400 running at 450, need a better heatsink before i go higher and i don't plan to since i have 4 hdds in there..in an old case but hey it works..)

06-02-02, 12:11 AM
I don't get why ppl all have these powerful servers at their homes, the max you'll be running is a 100Mbit network anyways, how fast does the server have to be to handle 100MBit?!!?!? I used to be pulling at least 8Mbytes/sec off my crappy 2nd comp which was a Celery 466 on a 4gig WD 5400rpm drive

06-02-02, 12:25 AM
well, without being utilized, the sum of the parts will pull zero megabits.

like i said, this was all stuff laying around. there was a $40 expendature for a PSU for my other system... thats all.

06-02-02, 12:44 AM
Great rig Faust, should make a great Server, kinda makes my 1ghz with a pair of 15 gig IDE's seem kinda.....Insignificant........lol

What are you gonna do with it, proxy/DNS/file sharing/web/FTP/UT server/FOLDING X 2 ????

Should handle just about anything you can thow at it, and then some.

As to why all these people have these great big servers at home.....

Because we can.........lol

Oh, BTW, Nice case, wanna trade for a crappy $30 generic case :)

06-02-02, 12:57 AM
hehehe... thanks, Chris. as far as my intentions... hmmm medium sized game server( maybe 8 or 10 connections), FTP server (private) and IIS (serving brochureware and a simple website for a freind). i would really like to get handy with Mercury 32 or MS Exchange as well, but who knows.

this is attached to a 1Mb upstream (862Kbps metered at the Zyxel router) so i would like to take that as far as i can with the above. if the system still has copious resources, then Folding or Genome and the like until it's taxed, but still efficient.

i won't finish it tonight.... too pooped and my beer was getting warm. need to take a break until tomorrow on that. :)

06-02-02, 05:47 AM
Faust: Look's Great - what HSF is that on the last Pic- (The large 1 on the Right) and what fan are you useing with It

Duzmor :D :D

Duz !!

el bob
06-02-02, 08:40 AM
Originally posted by Duzmor
Faust: Look's Great - what HSF is that on the last Pic- (The large 1 on the Right) and what fan are you useing with It

Duzmor :D :D

Duz !!

ThermalTake Volcano 6 Cu

The different between the Cu and the Cu+ is that they run at 4500rpm and 7000rpm respectively.


06-02-02, 08:45 AM
Thanks :)

Duzmor:D :D

Duz !!

06-02-02, 09:49 AM
Very nice bro! *tipping hat*
These are the boxes that I like to "play" with! :D

06-02-02, 02:32 PM
WHOA, nice man. As you know, i built one of those for my dad.. Ours is STILL having problems.. Ive got to reformat like every 2-3 months.. I dunno whats the problem, but after a while windows will have blue screens and the like, real weird stuff..

Heres a tip, try keeping the 5th PCI open, I THINK that might be why we were having problems, im gonna go over to my dads shop today and move around the PCI cards a bit and see what happens.

OH! and another thing, DONT put a cdrom on the highpoint controller, or else youll get a BSOD as soon as Windows starts up.

I wil put up more tips as they come to me :)

Good luck!

06-02-02, 02:46 PM
okay, thanks veg. i will keep that 5th PCI slot thing in mind.

i dont have to worry about the highpoint controller, or even the normal IDE controller. there's not one single IDE drive in the system..... all SCSI :) .

06-03-02, 08:03 AM
Originally posted by Chris

As to why all these people have these great big servers at home.....

Because we can.........lol

Heh...BINGO ! ! !

What does the power of the server have to do with network speed also?