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05-26-02, 09:11 PM
I need some help guys so I made this:

Which would make my temps of my machine go DOWN?


u have any others that I could do please tell me (cant make a front intake)

05-26-02, 09:22 PM
92mm on the CPU core intake

2 80mms (or 1) on the back panel

put 2 60mms on the top, front of the case and one next to the power supply.

05-26-02, 09:29 PM
you may want to get a piece of plexiglass and make a temperary side panel , that way you can cut holes where ever you want too see what works best for ya before you cut the case all to crap.

you can get a piece at home depot for about $5 and they will cut it to size for you.

you may also want to try flipping your cpu fan to blow the other way to see if that helps.

05-26-02, 09:30 PM
im using cardboard now thanks :D

05-26-02, 09:49 PM
well, there are different ways to look at it.

first of all, having both fans pointing in or pointing out would not be productive unless you have a grille at the foot of the case that will allow organized airflow (instead of trying to draw the CFM in or out random cracks and joints in the case's plastic and metal parts). so, if you have no grille(s) or openings built it to your enclosure, you will have eliminated 2 of the options. and if it were me, i would prefer the freshest/coolest air to be routed to the CPU/AGP area first. and the blowhole's sole reasoning for being used is to exhaust the warmer air that rises to the top (the "blow" part of blowhole). i can't see the pics while i am posting so i don't know what # it is. most cases are pretty turbulent, so this idea (warm air collecting at the top of your case) isn't as strong as it sounds.

now, let's be realistic... do you have a grille or fan bay at the foot of your case or anywhere else? also, are the fans in your case illustration the only ones in your case (as in the PSU fan. i don't mean the HSF or other chip coolers).

what i am getting at is you need to visualize the flow of the air through the case. imagine it as water flowing through every opening in the enclosure, and the fans being whether there is a positive or negative pressure inside the case (will determine which way air is flowing through grilles/fan bays where there is no fan mounted). the goal is to make it as controlled and organized as possible, and to prevent areas of "dead air" where the air does not get circulated, or as much.

05-26-02, 09:57 PM
okay. studied the pics more (didn't notice the different locations of the 92mm).

i would pick (based only on what the illustrations show) example #4. with all the case and PSU fans drawing air out, you will have the greatest amount of airflow througn the 92mm opening. #1 would be my second choice, but after the air is drawn into the case, the uniform airflow will be disrupted by the other PCI/AGP cards you have.

05-26-02, 11:20 PM
Image #4 looks good to me too except i did'nt see a fan on the bottom front of the drawing. If there was a way to mount a 80mm fan on the bottom front as faust mentioned
This is my setup :
1) 80mm fan in the bottom front of case (foot)Intake pulling cool air in
2) 92mm fan blowing in to cpu
3) 80mm fan exhaust back of case
4) blowhole pulling hot air out

I've been runnin folding for 5 days straight and my cpu temp is 42c full, case temp 27c with that fan configuration. I also have a 80mm fan on the right panel ( looking at the front of pc) pulling cool air in. I had to make an airduct so the air would not hit the floppy/hd cage. the air flows pass the ram and over the mobo. And my setup is stock.

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05-27-02, 01:11 PM
if you have a cardboard side panel now, then experiment!
try out the different positions for the 92mm side intake fan and see which is the most effective.

you could also try a setup where the 60mm case fan and blowhole take air out, and the 92mm acts as an intake positioned in the lower right of your diag (i.e. lower front on the side !)