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05-26-02, 01:51 AM
Hey everyone...this is my first question here. Hope it doesnt make anyone laugh or anything. I'm not exactly a network tech or an expert. So please bear with me. My question is:

I currently run 2 comps on a cable network joined via a 4 port Linksys router (recently purchased). OSes installed are ME and 98SE. No firewall software,,,just router protection. Before getting the router i was using a Netgear hub,,,and seemes like 98SE comp download speeds were alot faster back then. All the patches installed on this comp and as far as I know the ME comp speeds are ok...or ...normal. Looks like I had a significant speed drop since this setup. Web browsing is fine...but the dwnload tests were way better before.....i.e.: used to get close to 350-400K during a large file download from Microsoft or anyother fast server...now I'm almost down to 140-200k...even late at night.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

05-26-02, 12:06 PM
first of all... if you have more than one computer hooked into a cable modem, they all disperse the bandwidth evenly or as close as possible, if they are all using bandwidth. What i mean is... if you are downloading something super fast like near your cap... let's say your cap was 2500 kbits per second downstream, and you were also downloading the same thing on the other computer as well at the same time, then they would be even off at around 180 KB's/second which is still fast. Otherwise, check the tcp parameters of the computers... Since you upgraded to a router, it might have changed some parameters. Do a tcp optimizer check, and then reboot and see what happens. That's my first assumption and suggestion! Good luck... i'll check back later today if i get a chance.

05-26-02, 01:43 PM
I understand what you're saying and thx again for the reply. But what concerns me is before I got the router we were also hooked up to the same modem through a hub and even downloading at the same time it was quite fast on both computers so the only difference is now we got a router instead of a hub. (We got the router and threw away the hub just cus of the router's firewall capability and to save money on an extra IP address)

One other thing I can think of is when we we first added the second computer and bought a hub we had to phone the cable comp and ask them to assign us another IP address. Now I'm thinking since the company doesnt even know that I'm using the router's DHCP since last week ......could it possibly cause any conflicts at all that could result in a speed drop?

Oh and I ran the TCP tweak again on both computers and they are all tweaked properly (except for some weird reason RCW window on the ME comp shows incorrectly..thought that was a 98 hotfix issue..but thats a whole other subject)

What you think? Should I call the cable company or somethin?

05-26-02, 02:01 PM
The router evenly spreads the bandwidth. You wont see your maximum speeds on any of the computers... unless you're only using one on the net. 180KB/sec is still pretty fast.

05-26-02, 02:45 PM
goto 192.168.1.xx whatever is the router ip click on advanced scrool down and make sure block wan request is disabled. and mtu is enabled and make sure it's 1500

05-26-02, 03:45 PM
Well what ya know...just talked to the cable company and the guy told me that its probably the added security of the router thats slowin me down a bit. And in the last few hours I've been doin some speed tests and all of a sudden both computers are dowloading at around 450 k/sec !!!

Donnow what the hell happened...didnt really change much on the settings...maybe he had somethin to with it from central office. He did tell me to use the proxy but I compared with and without,,,,not a whole lotta difference except some sites give me problems cus of the proxy..so i turned it off.

But anyway thx a few Mega-gazillion for all the suggestions guys..appreciate it alot.