View Full Version : Question about building custom case

Bill or Will
05-25-02, 10:38 AM
Hello everyone I have been surfing the web a lot looking for books on technical specifications for building a homemade PC case there are a few metal shops an plastic companies in my area that I can goto an purchase the raw materials but I would like to find deatiled schematics showing what dimensions are needed for the panels and perhaps beveled edges blow holes an power supply I want to be cautious not to make any mistakes and have to go out and buy more materials does anyone know if a water cooler case really does give you an advantage in over-clocking

05-25-02, 10:49 AM
Water vs air

Quiet, less or no dust, expensive, higher maintenance, better regulated heat. acheive lower temps.

Noisey, Cheaper, dust in comp, lower maintenance, cheaper to upgrade