View Full Version : it just disappeared? My AGP texture Acceleration!

05-22-02, 06:02 AM
OK heres the scoot. I always go into DXdiag to check how my card is doing i check the display tab and run the tests it works great. But then i find out that my AGP acceleration had disappeared. I have the Geforce mx 200. I think i had it before could me of changing the drivers of done something and i have the Iwill xp333-3 mobo i got the newest Ali chip-set drivers and the agp driver also. I'm lost please help..

05-22-02, 09:33 AM
re-install vid card drivers?

05-22-02, 11:26 AM
Originally posted by Brent
re-install vid card drivers?

That's what i'd do and btw i have the same card gf2 mx200

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