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05-20-02, 12:19 PM
First, I am putting this in here since BIOS comes with the hardware, so if it needs to be in software, please let me know.

OK, now with the question: I just upgraded my RAM today from 128MB to 512MB and was looking at the BIOS to make sure and I noticed that the last update on there is from 3/27/2000.

Where can I check/find how to update this? Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Here is the info I have:

core version: 4.06
BIOS revision: 1.04 3/27/00

Also, what is the performance gain from upgrading BIOS? Or any other gains for that matter.

Thank you all. You pwn!! ;)

EDIT: Here is a website I have found: http://store.firmware.com/cgi-bin/mfi .I am not sure, however, of how to find more information about who made the board or serial number or things like that. If you need that, I may need help. I'm going to return to BIOS and see if I can find more info. :)

05-20-02, 12:22 PM
More info...what mobo do you own?

05-20-02, 12:24 PM

It says that it is a K7M. I found that is ASUS.

(I love google.) :)

05-20-02, 12:29 PM
OK.....I have found the page on the ASUS website for the K7M. Now, there are like 30 things I can download.

How will I know what is important??

05-20-02, 12:37 PM
Well first off, if your puter is running ok, I can't say you would notice any improvemet but then again, maybe you will.

First...flasing your bios can be hazardous to your machine if your flash dosn't take. You won't be able to reboot.

That said..first, read how to flash your bios from the Asus site.

From the download page for your mobo, you need the flash exe utility and the bios. Looks to be 1009.

READ the instructions on how to flash, carefully. Then print them. Do it exacty as stated. Make sure you do save the current edition of your bios. The explanition of how to do all this is on Asus's site.

And before you flash..Make sure you ARE looking for the download for the correct mobo. If it isn't, and you go ahead and flash, your hosed.

Here's a link on how to flash the bios for the ASUS boards.

Here's a link to how to flash your bios.


05-20-02, 12:40 PM
Hey downhill...thank you for the info.

I may read between the lines and refrain from anything with this right now. Doesn't seem worth it if it'll be hosed.

Thank you so much for the help, downhill. :)

05-20-02, 04:29 PM
Like they mention above....unless the newer BIOS has a feature that your current BIOS does not support.....then don't bother with it unless you're comfortable making boot disks, and everything you read on the ASUS webpage. And I would't recommend trying the web based BIOS upgrade utility. Like mentioned...if a BIOS flashing goes awry for any reason like a faulty floppy disk that you are flashing from, power outtage in mid flash, hiccup in the memory, incorrect BIOS, or just cuz the moon is full...you'll have a nice paperweight that looks a lot like a motherboard.

So unless you're missing out on a feature newer BIOS versions have...or are totally comfortable and understand everything on running awardflash....I'd not bother.

05-20-02, 10:26 PM
Hey Jumpinduo
read those instructions carefully cuz if you miss it's gonna be really bad !

I tried to update my bios and i fried my mobo. Even tho it was a low-end mobo it was the only one i had and besides that my g/f bought it for me as a get well present so she did'nt really know what to get as far as pc parts are concerned. Bless her heart tho she tried.

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