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05-18-02, 07:28 PM
Friday and Sat, I went to the Carlise car show in PA. They had so much stuff for sale, I bought a few little things for my pc :) Dad and I drove a Shelby Cobra(fake one)

I got this:

- Lots Spit Looms, ($5 for ten feet, bought 3 of them )

- Bright Orange tie wraps ($3.00 for a whole bag about 50)

- $12 for a Holesaw kits (includes 14 blades for drills, each different sizes)

- $3, for 3, Scuffing Pads (use for sanding, but makes a good intake filter ;) )

spent 1 hour putting the Spit looms on, with BRIGHT orange tie wraps, and took out some hd racks that i didnt used.

Well once I was done, I turned on my neon light and the tie wraps started to glow. In win2k I noticed my temps of my mobo/cpu drop about 1-3c. So it was well worth it

Soon ill be adding a side-intake fan/Blow hole

* will post pics soon

05-19-02, 04:25 PM
Wtg TheOne ! :D

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05-19-02, 08:27 PM
I wanted to go to carlisle :( but I had to work :(

did you possibly get any pics? go look around at ALL the cars?

did you go to the custom compact show? or the all classic show (I think thats what it was called)

I wanted to go to the custom compact car show only because my friends car was gonna be there... (White '02 WRX with new body kit, rims, exaust, custom interior, & stage 4 turbo...all nicely done not gawdy mind you).....tell me whats up!!!

05-20-02, 01:34 PM
Oh i went to the one where they had Kit cars, like Shelby cobras etc..

a few weeks before that show was the import show your talking about, but I didnt go, (missed all those hot models:( )