View Full Version : Should i get a bigger power supply?

05-17-02, 10:00 AM
right now i have a 300watt compusa power supply. The specs are.... I-will xp333-R.
With a athlon xp 1800+.
I have 3 80mm fans running off of the power supply not the mobo.
I have a gf2 32mb v7100 asus.
Soundblaster live 5.1.
Firewire card.
1GB of crucial.
two 40GB Maxtor's. One is 100MB/s and the other is 66MB/s.
The 100MB/s is the main drive.
two CD Roms. Liteon 24x10x40, And the other a acer 56x.

in the future i will put a delta 80mm 80cfm fan in it. I want to install another 6GB western digital.
and another 80mm fan.

I have another question. I showed that i had 2 40GB Maxtor's. one is 100MB/s and the other is 66MB/s. I was just wondering what if i have them on the same controller from the mobo. Will this make my main hdd the 100MB/s run at the speed of the 66MB/s HDD? And i have a Maxtor 100MB/s Card if i need it to have my main hdd run at full speed.

05-17-02, 10:44 AM
i'd step up, you've 2 hdds and 2 cdroms.. get a 400 watt, that should be plenty..i dunno how good 'compusa' brand PSUs are tho.

05-17-02, 06:48 PM

Enermax. They look cool and they work. :)

05-17-02, 10:46 PM
Even tho Enermax is the most famous brand, i wouldn't recommend it unless you mod it.... Enermax is notorious for having low 5v outputs, my PSU was giving only like 4.7v before i modded it, now its 5.03v stable. Most other brands like Antec have a variable resistor built into the PSU, if your 5v rail is low, you can adjust it easily, but Enermax doesn't have that variable resistor, which is why you have to mod it

You SHOULD get a new PSU, but if everythin is running 100% stable, and your 12v and 5v rails are fine, then maybe you don't really need it.

05-17-02, 11:27 PM
how did u mod yer enermax

05-17-02, 11:28 PM
look at sparkle