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05-16-02, 04:12 PM
ok so this past weekend i put together a new system with some older parts...

K7S5A mobo
athlon XP 1800+
GeForce 2 MX400 video card
2 128MB SD133 RAM
Seagate 40GB 5400RPM HD
Quantam Fireball 20GB HD
Sound Blaster Live! Value

so heres the story...i find that the system stutters when playing songs in winamp...kinda like when client PCs on a LAN access the server PC...

so i only notice it when a song is playing and the song "stutters"
i've run mp3s off of both HDs and off both they stutter...

im leaning towards making a switch to DDR memory and seeing as tho the memory is one of the older components left

can anyone enlighten me on this matter?

05-16-02, 04:14 PM
when your current rig that shouldn't be the case at all, try using media player to play the mp3..does it still happen? also try setting winamp to wav output and directsound output.. see which one works.

05-16-02, 04:21 PM
What OS? Cuz if WinXP...256 kinda light.

05-16-02, 04:27 PM
yeah XP...actually i did remember XP causing some stutters on my old system...

hmm...media player skips as well...esp during full screen visualization....

gonna keep on testing...

05-16-02, 04:34 PM
Sounds like too many CPU interuptions for the sound to flow smoothly.

Disable some stuff running in the background (services and apps) and try again.

05-16-02, 05:04 PM
I had xp and when i used media player it stuttered alot. Winamp was better it seemed like. I have 512Mb of ddr RAM now it doesnt do it anymore.

05-16-02, 05:57 PM
I use 1GB in XP Pro, but I would think that you would want to use 512MB minimum... I believe adding some memory would help.... JMHO

05-16-02, 08:22 PM
but i only run 256mb, and its smooth running xp pro.

But maybe cause i have DDR.

05-16-02, 10:26 PM
Try setting the player priority to real time.

05-17-02, 02:38 AM
I moved the page file to my second drive (or partition if you have one drive) and that fixed my winamp problems.