View Full Version : Please read and Heed!

05-16-02, 02:35 PM
The post "I GOT A VIRUS" just gave me the VBS.LoveLetter.VAR Virus. How odd I never would have thought that by opening a link I would contract a virus....Just thought I would give a warning, dont know if it was a random thing, or something that is there in the link? I dont know much, but I know what Norton told me and what my computer said.........

05-16-02, 02:36 PM
i just clicked it

norton didn't say anything

05-16-02, 02:39 PM
Hmm...Maybe a random thing? I am not crazy really......

05-16-02, 02:40 PM
No it didn't give you the virus, but Norton detects the data in the post as a virus - no need to worry.:)

05-16-02, 03:00 PM
thanks for the info. My Norton put it in my Quarantine folder