View Full Version : Tv Cards with catv splitters

05-16-02, 04:30 AM
Hey Guys just wondering if any of you have had "issues" with using a catv splitter to share the pipe between the card(AIW) and a regular tv? I found a splitter around the house and im thinking of trying it out, just wanted to check with ya'll first to see if there are any issues i should be aware of.

05-16-02, 10:18 AM
I have a splitter from the downstairs tv to upstairs where it splits again to another tv and one of my pc's; no problem. Using an aiw pro; older 8mb. -m

05-16-02, 06:15 PM
either you have good picture or you don't its that simple....

hook it up and find out:)

05-16-02, 06:37 PM
buy yourself a high quality splitter, which allows frequenceys upto 2000 Mhz and u will be set. :)