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05-15-02, 09:59 PM
If you, like me, have had the unforuant experience of owning an IBM hard drive you know that they have some problems. I just found a remedy to one that I have seen people asking about on several other forums. The symtoms are when the system boots up the HDD keeps making its start up noise and not even the BIOS can see it. If you leave it off thirty minutes it goes away. I think i know what causes this. It is temperature change ( it happens to me when i turn it off for about five minutes after running my computer all day and then turn it back on) It seems like common sense but I've talked to alot of agrivated people on other forums about this. Hope this helps someone.

05-17-02, 10:14 AM
thanks a lot I am a little on edge with this drive so this could come in handy.

I have never encountered this problem my sel even after my system has been running for 24 hours. Maybe it's because i been using a hard drive cooler since the day i bought the drive?

05-17-02, 10:51 AM
The issues with the IBM drives are already known to be heat related. Like others here who build their own high performance systems, we usually have hard drive coolers...so those of us with IBM drives with coolers usually don't have issues. I've had Deskstars (Deathstars) for years, and they keep on running.

For those who already invested in IBM drives for their high speeds, and are worried about failure....we strongly advise you do get a hard drive cooler, or if you're a lucky Antec case owner, make sure you have a fan in the shroud of your removable hard drive cage. Then you should be rather worry free...and enjoy the speed of your Deskstar.