View Full Version : new 40GB and a celeron mobo

05-14-02, 08:25 PM
i just purchased a seagate 5400rpm 40GB HD today to use wiht my celeron 466 motherboard... the bios won't recognize the HD but it works with my Athlon XP1800+ PC...

is there a limit on the size of my HD on the celeron motherboard...its an abit bm6

thanks for any help u guys can offer

05-14-02, 08:38 PM
what version of windows and BIOS and mobo brand

05-14-02, 09:04 PM
Originally posted by Onethenumber2
what version of windows and BIOS and mobo brand

Abit BM6

05-15-02, 11:00 AM
my friend has a BM6 with a 500 celery with a 40gig IBM GXP60 and everythin works fine, try updating your BIOS

05-15-02, 11:11 AM
if that doesn't work (it should) check if seagate has an 'ezbios utility' which will basically use cylinder limitation + a software spoof to make your computer see all of it (not ur bios, but windows will).


05-15-02, 11:15 AM
thanks all...i'll give it a try tonight