View Full Version : Traded my mobo.

05-14-02, 03:28 PM
I traded my gigabyte GA-7vtxe for a Soltek SL75drv2 Brand new my friend tested it, my voltages are correct now everything runs so much cooler.:) I had problems building it. Difficult mobo to put together. everytime i use nvidia detonators 28.32 and 27.50s the computer locks up when i run 3dmark etc. im using 23.11s right now but did anyone have this problem before?

05-14-02, 03:36 PM
i'm running the 28.80's and they are stable for me.

05-14-02, 04:03 PM
i had no problem with the other drivers before, ever since i got the soltek ive been having those problems. its really not that bad tho