View Full Version : ASUS P2B-F: Upgraded BIOS, Win ME freezes on bootup

05-12-02, 09:06 PM
I upgraded to 1013 beta 7 BIOS (from 1009B) and now Win ME freezes at the boot screen on my ASUS P2B-F motherboard. I can load Win ME in safe mode, but not in normal mode. Can you help me determine some of the things I should be taking a look at.
Just as a note, I also have Windows 2000 Pro running in a dual boot with this Win Me and it boots up just fine.

Look forward to hearing any solutions to the problem that you may have.

Let me know which of my system specs would be important to know if you needed.

05-13-02, 08:23 AM
Writing from an old machine with the P2B from the office, under 2K though.

By chance, reset BIOS to default settings? Plug an play OS selected? Rebooting ME into safe mode, removing some devices?

05-13-02, 09:55 PM
Yes I went to the default settings ("Load Setting Defaults" option n the BIOS) after I rebooted in the new BIOS setup (as the ASUS documentation recommended). The main change that I made in the BIOS was simply Disabling Com ports 3 and 4 as I have had done in the previous BIOS.

Plug and Play Operating system....no, which for Windows 2000 I think this needs to be set to no anyways.

If I go into Win ME and remove some devices, can you recommend what would be the first sort of devices to look for. The main one I can think of is my Promise ATA 100 IDE Controller card (I noticed it loaded 2 versions of the driver). Under the hard disks section of system devices I noticed that all sorts of old Hard Drives not even in my machine anymore were loaded as well. I'm sure some of these would be good bets.

I guess the main thing I'm wondering is if it's going to be something stupid and less straightforward like a USB port setting or something. One thing I did notice as well, when I flashed to the new BIOS when I got past the screen that shows the IRQs each card uses (on bootup) it said "updating ESCD" or something like that. When I got frustrated with the new BIOS and reverted back to the old bios, it said updating ESCD and then it said DMI updated, DPMI updated or something like that in addition. This new BIOS on bootup did not say anything about DMI or DMPI (forget the exact acronym sorry)....so I'm wondering if that has an significance as well.

Let me know if anything I've said helps make the situation more clear.

More insight appreciated.

05-13-02, 10:36 PM

Asus email support just sent me a message (in under 24 hours, that's good these days) and sent me a link to BIOS 1014 beta 2 which I had no idea even existed.

It solved the problem. One interesting thing to note is I saw the "Updating DMI" this time...