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05-12-02, 06:23 PM
Ok I need something at least 2 Megapixels, and at least 2x optical zoom, which is the best bang for the buck? Also, is the "movie mode" option worth it? or is it really crappy quality?


05-12-02, 07:08 PM

Take your pic (pun intended)... I like the Canon G2, 4 megapixel... also costs around $700 *cough*

05-12-02, 11:34 PM
Cannon is the best overall for general purpose use but can be a bit pricey. Check out the kodak line on 2 meg cameras. They will not bust the budget and their photo quality is pretty good.

05-13-02, 04:27 AM
I use this...http://www.fujifilm.co.uk/fujidc/product/inform/media/2800pic.gif

the spec is 6x OPTICAL zoom it does have the video option (not bad IMO (AVI format)) with sound, will take upto 128Mb smartmedia, 2.11 Megapixels, comes with 16Mb smartmedia, 1.8" TFT display on rear (62,000 pixels) normal and macro function and shaed loads of other stuff, Oh and it can also be used as a webcam, should one want to:p :D

05-13-02, 07:09 AM
Canon Digital Elph's.....great camera. Love mine, and peeps I recommend them to are happy they got them. Very small, tough metal case, great pics, easy to use software the comes with them.


05-13-02, 09:45 AM
Hmm, that Fuji Finepix 2800 looks nice, I kinda want the movie mode option and webcam, but my friend has the same 1 and i know he paid around $600 CAD for it, which is over my budget :(

I think its the 6x optical zoom that makes it so expensive, is there a similar model with less zoom?

Omg I just went to fuji's site and the 2800 is the ONLY cam with webcam ability... theres very few models too: http://www.fujifilm.com/JSP/fuji/epartners/Products.jsp?parent=234644&nav=0&NavBarId=C234644

kinda sux :(

I heard that 3megapix = photo quality, so maybe I should get at least 3MP instead?

05-13-02, 02:37 PM
Originally posted by TigerUpperCut

I heard that 3megapix = photo quality, so maybe I should get at least 3MP instead?

Depends on the resolutions you'll be shooting at, and how much you want to spend.

05-13-02, 03:18 PM
And another thing you need to take into consideration is is your printer up to the job of printing `Photo quality` pics??

If it`s not I personally think you`d be wasting your $$$$`s on a 3Mp camera