View Full Version : IRQ problems need urgent help plz.

05-12-02, 12:01 PM
I installed windows 2000 Professional today because XP was being a pain in the arse in CS. The installation went fine and then when sorting out my hardware realised that most of my crucial gaming components were all sharing the same IRQ :eek:

how do i re-arrange the assignments in windows 2000? Or will I have to do it in the BIOS?? My network card is in the 4th PCI slot out of 5 if that helps.


Need it fixed Pretty urgent Thanks

Edit: Just had an idea that it might be ACPI assigning all the components to IRQ 9 is ok to delete ACPI??

05-12-02, 12:15 PM
I believe you have to turn acpi off during and set them manually during the install.

05-12-02, 12:20 PM
Bit late for that now Sid :)

I tried to delete ACPI but there is no remove option when I right click it? I tried to play a few games and they felt jerky so I want to get rid of it, any idea's how?

05-12-02, 12:30 PM
I found this for you, I hope it works.

If you do have problems with ACPI and are unable to run your system properly, below is the correct procedure to change your system from the ACPI Hardware Abstraction Layer to the Standard PC/APM HAL:

NOTE: This procedure works only when installing from a CD-ROM. When installing from the four boot floppies included with Windows 2000, a problem in the installation program prevents the installation of a third-party HAL.

Insert your Win2K CDROM, and start Windows Setup as an Upgrade.

To select a HAL during Setup:

During the first phase of Setup, at the Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration screen, press the F5 key.

Select the Standard PC

Continue with Setup to complete the installation.

You will not lose your system settings or installed programs/applications using this method

05-12-02, 12:32 PM
Thanks a lot I'll go try it now, I did install with the 4 floppies the first time :D

05-12-02, 12:44 PM
Do a search for ACPI in the hardware forum. The are a few threads that are very informative.

05-12-02, 01:02 PM
deleted it using the method you explained sid, thanks for the help.


05-12-02, 02:34 PM
Glad it worked for you.

05-12-02, 03:00 PM
the reason it puts it all on to one IRQ is that it can better manage the power supply of the devices, but it's only a virtual IRQ number that it's being assigned to (for easier management in the OS). As long as the device has it's own IRQ upon boot (usually the comp posts what devices are on which IRQs) it should be fine.

05-12-02, 03:29 PM
I have that same mobo. If your not using the com ports, then disable them in the bios. Same with the printer port if your using USB.