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05-11-02, 02:56 PM
Hello.I just wanna ask on some advice.I got Th7 II-Raid mobo,intel P IV 2.2, 512MB PC 800 Ram,IDE Maxtor 160GB,DVD Sony.I think i got everything configured properly in bios,bios is detecting both,HDD (primary master) and DVD (secondary master) correctly. When i m trying boot, im getting all the time noisy beeping and error code on my mobo FF (boot attempt INT 19h).I even can enter my OS ,HDD works fine,everything is ok but i dont understand why im getting that error code + beeping.I also tryed different drives Maxtor IDE 80 gb ,maxtor IDE 30gb and 20gb Maxtor and its all same.Can somebody give me some advice please ? thank you.

05-11-02, 03:20 PM
problems people usually encounter when having eep errors are:

Video Card

Try reseating the following, as one of them could be improperly seated or damaged at worst. I doubt the latter is a factor, since all your components are new, but you never know.

05-11-02, 03:41 PM
i did what u told me .Didnt help me at all.Well maybe the probl;em is in core voltage.I just installed doctor hardware and when i tryed enter i got message My vcore voltage exceeds the limits.I got there now 1.5v.So i changed the voltage in bios to 1.475 and 1.45 and same error in windows dr hardware :-(.Well i really dont know what could be wrong.Cpu is working ok on my older MSI mobo,video card is working also great ...

05-11-02, 03:51 PM
well Vcore should affect the beeping, but I could be wrong. BTW if I read this correctly, you have no problems entering your operating system?

BTW this is a possibility, maybe your CMOS battery is low or dead.

05-11-02, 03:59 PM
i dont have problems with entering my system at all.I gave back the vcore voltage to 1.5v,well do u think i should raise it a little bit ?I tryed decrease it to 1.475 and 1.450 and it didnt help me.(i couldnt go lower 1.450 is minimum)

05-11-02, 05:24 PM
i fixed that vcore problem but i still didnt fix my beeping and FF error code.I tryed everything im playing with it 2nd day ...

05-11-02, 05:52 PM
I meant shouldn't.

For you, leave the vcore as it is. I'm guessing it's just a problem in the bios, where you have something setup incorrectly.

05-11-02, 06:09 PM
i didnt change the vcore voltage in bios.I fixed it in that dr hardware.now its ok .Well i find out why im getting that beeping ...but i dont know how to fix it .I had this problem when i had 6 Hdd's and i was getting primary Ide controller dual fifo.SAMe like now.I fixed that problem with jumpers on my hdd's.Now i cant even connect 1 single HDD.Tryed IDE1 ON my MOBO,tryed IDE2,IDE3,IDE4 either.I got here over 1 TB space on 4 computers all of them were easy instalations and now i cant get this working properly.For sure next time i will not buy Abit MB with RAID.

05-12-02, 06:29 PM
I really tryed everything different configurations of mine HDD ....etc etc etc ,and now i find out i didnt put on my thermaltake that speed configurator ....and when i puted it in ...everything ok,no beeping ....i cant believe it was just this ...btw thx u terrancelam u was trying help me :-)