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05-11-02, 01:42 PM
I've had this problem from the first week that my brother got this computer... and that was about 2 years ago... :P

my specs:
abit VA6
Celeron 500
288megs ram
250W ps
+ other parts w/ no overclocking anywhere

the Problem: random lockups/restarts/freezing on bootups

-> about the freezes on the bootup process: on cold-boots, when it's booting up, and computer freezes after showing the processor information (right before the memory count) ... and boots up normally after i turn it off, and turn it back on again...
However, if i unplug the power supply, and plug it back again, the computer runs REALLY slow... and the speed comes back after a shutdown (not a reboot from windows)

Over the years, i've upgraded a lot of the components, and have narrowed the problems down to -> the motherboard and/or processor and/or the power supply....

I know that it's not an overheating problem, coz the problem i have are all Random... can happen anytime ~ 30 seconds after a cold boot, or sometimes it lasts for weeks... ^^;;

oy ~ i'd be REally appreciative if anyone can help... :P
i'm planning to get a fresh system in a few months, but wanna use this comp as long as i can... ^^

05-11-02, 02:23 PM
have you tried formatting, have you ever updgraded the hard drive

05-11-02, 02:37 PM
don't think it's anything software related...
the problem's always been there, no matter what os i use...
upgrades i've made since getting the comp -> hard drive, ram, video card

05-11-02, 02:39 PM
ok, but have you ever formatted. thats an easy way to identify if its hardware or software.

05-11-02, 03:29 PM
it's the power supply, but I've seen systems with P3 500mhz in it run fine with a 250W PSU, but that would be the first thing I would suspect. For most stability issues, I would raise the Vcore in the bios (which is the voltage to the CPU) and see if they helps with the stability problem.

Problems like this are hard to solve over the internet, I find atleast, because too many variables are involved and I'm no professional! But I hoe my information helps.

05-11-02, 03:53 PM
yup, i've formatted many many times. >_<

hrmm... yeah, i'm hoping that it'd be the power supply....
but how much should i adjust the vcore?? i've never played around with the voltages themselves... but my bios has it set to "cpu default" at 2V....
should i try lowering or upping it? and by how much? ^^

05-11-02, 06:41 PM
Have you tried updating your BIOS to a later version? This can sometimes fix stability issues and conflicts

05-13-02, 03:23 AM
RAM problem maybe?