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05-11-02, 11:19 AM
I recently installed my Soundblaster live Platinum sound card into my new computer. And now when I play UT i can play for like 10 minutes or so and the game locks up the screen freezes and I get to listen to a high pitched noise.
Here are the system spec's

Soyo Dragon+ mobo
amd xp 1700
ati aiw radeon
Soundblaster Live Platinum
on Win XP pro

Ive already changed some audio settings in ut, like setting the latency to 60, and channels to 8, and I have disabled directsound. This problem doesnt apply to just UT, I orginally experienced it in JK2. I am able to listen to mp3's via winamp all day, and ive tested the direct sound in dxdiag. Ive used the new drivers from soundblaster, as well as the win xp pnp drivers.

Ive also updated my via 4in1 drivers to the latest release, and have applied a pci latency patch from www.viahardware.com

Im totally out of ideas. The soundblaster sound card is on its own irq #5, and doesnt share with any other card. And there are no conflicts shown.

Suggestions anyone?

05-12-02, 12:37 PM
Update the Creative Driver to the latest one.

Some times those Creative sound cards are a pain in the ass.

05-12-02, 03:37 PM
What do you need 8 channels for while playing games?

05-12-02, 03:59 PM
wow 1st i hear this to happen with SBlive but audighy is famous for that same damn thing beeeeeeb beeeeb bbbeeeeb right and locks and stop from what i could figur its 1 xp and 2 EAX somethimes but other time would do it on mp3s that was the audigy

i am runing sb live right now and iv been having prop with newer drivers a clicking noise at times and some times rear chanle gos out think SB can make a good driver

hey try this this is what SB told me for my audigy in stall the drivers 1st then the card

turn of ACPI power witch blowes

and take all my pci cards out install 1 at a time starting with the adugiy vidcard then others makes sure they all are on dif IRQs (witch id have that many) boot them up and install them 1 at a time

but thats what they said didnt help me a bit ended taking back my audigy and geting live but i thought that might help ya allsome ther is a Sb form for Uk user post you prop in ther not sure addy but search it out on goggle

hope this helps

heheh my fix for Sb cards a hammer and a grin :)

05-12-02, 05:54 PM
I dont need 8 channels, im not sure where u got that from. From what I've been told that the via chipset and creative live cards dont mix. Ive ran the latest drivers, and I've been told that its strictly hardware related, and wouldnt matter if I ran XP or 98.

05-12-02, 09:07 PM
what ever man my audighy would work fine on me but beeb beeb on xp

05-12-02, 10:05 PM
and my buds runing sbl on via its the xp drivers man

05-13-02, 11:17 AM
Well overall I think XP is better os...I drop'd a few dollars on a new soundcard, and havent had a problem since.

05-13-02, 11:49 AM
i STILL do not believe in disabling acpi.. you screw yourself over. you have to run 3rd party utils to run halt commands to ur cpu, you have to manually setup irq and memory address resources for your cards,etc. etc.. i did this and the performance just wasn't any different for me.. it's a known fact that via + sblive don't like each other.. go here (http://viahardware.com) and check around in their articles.. if i recall correctly there was a fix w/ some of h.oda's programs.

your best bet would be to get another card.. santa cruz....hercules game theather xp, etc..