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05-11-02, 05:37 AM
I have just installed a Abit Geforce 3TI200 128DDR DVI TV Out, replacing my old ATI 32MB Rage Fury Pro TV Out.

My problem is i can't get my TV out to work, when i go to, Display Properies--Settings--Advanced--Device Selection, Analague Display is selected and i can't unselect it and Digital Display and TV are greyed out. I'm using the latest Nividea 28.32 Driver with XP Home Ed.

My original long TV out cable would not fit into the card socket but neither would the short TV out cable supplied, the instructions showed using this Y cable adapter which i have used leaving a spare socket hanging(Which looks like it's for sound maybe) My set up looks right according to the manual.

With my old ATI card i could have the monitor on and the TV display on too showing the same screen.

MANY THANKS for any input

05-11-02, 07:31 AM
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but i don't think this card can do 2 outputs at the same time - so you can't have a TV and monitor running at the same time. (If it does support this then it should say twinview somewhere)

The cable that came with it for TV out should definitely fit into the TV out port - should look like an s-video port. What does your cable look like?

05-11-02, 09:22 AM
I tried to use my original cable already connected to my TV but it just wouldn't fit, So i disconnected the PC put it up side down on a table so i could see the connection and tried to fit the short metre long TV out cable you get with card but that wouldn't fit.

It's only then you start to think about lookin in the manual and it's got a pic of the connections/cables and from then TV out socket is a pic of this Y cable adapter which fitted perfectly to the TV out socket and the cable then plugs into that. But there was no way the TV out cable supplied, or my original TV out cable which I've always used in the past was going to fit directly into the card

05-11-02, 11:06 AM
ok sounds like you've got a cable missing

I'm presuming that you have an S-video output on the video card, and the TV cable has RCA plugs, so you need:


this is a converter plug else get a cable with the appropriate ends

05-11-02, 11:13 AM
kiefoow is right,

i have a Gforce3 ti 200 with 128MB and i dont have the twienview option with my old gforce 2 mx i had that option.

and thats wierd because the manuals say that you can do twienview.

i just switch to tv whenever i want to use it

05-11-02, 11:20 AM
My longer TV cable/S-Video cable is the same as the one supplied only longer and neither will fit into the card.

I've used the Mini-Din 9 pin to S-Video and RCA adaptor cable(Y) which was supplied and is illistrated in the manual for TV out, this adapter fits no problem into the card.

On the "Mini-Din 9 pin to S-Video and RCA adaptor cable" the Mini-Din 9pin fits perfectly into the card and the S-video fits into my S-Video lead(TV lead) leaving the RCS adaptor doing nothing

05-11-02, 01:06 PM

How do u switch to TV when u want to use it ?Because my option for TV is greyed out in the display properties.

05-12-02, 10:09 AM
i use TV Tool

05-12-02, 10:40 AM
Thanks for the link, But I'm not gettin no TV out at the Mo, The option for TV is greyed out in Display Properties.

I take it that normally i could switch from Anolgue to TV via the Display Properties which wouldn't be so bad and just have the Monitor or TV display.

05-13-02, 10:43 AM
I'm sure my problem lies in the connections of the card for TV out,

On the back of the card there's the "Video Out" socket now normally it is a 5 pin connection well mine is 9 pin so the normal S-Video out cable won't fit.

The manual shows using a "Mini-Din 9pin to S-Video and RCA adaptor cable" which is supplied with card.

So the Mini-Din 9 pin bit goes to my Video Out socket on the card and the S-Video bit goes to my S-Video cable and the RCA adaptor cable is left doing nothin.

To me this set up seems stange as you would think the S-video cable would go directly to the Video Out socket on the card but 5 pins won't go into 9, but this is how the manual shows it using this adaptor.

Does anyone else use this cable adaptor or are your cards Video Out the normal 5 pins?

05-13-02, 12:52 PM
I've just got hold of TV Tool 5.5 and i've managed to get it to work :D

At least I know the cableing was right even if it does seem a bit weird :(

THANKS for the advice

05-13-02, 04:12 PM
no worries, glad to help :)

i've always used tv tool not windows display properties as that tends to give you an underscanned picture on your telly, and nvidia only do low level support for tv-out

btw i reckon the rca plug on the lead you attach to the vid card is probably so that you can have the option to attach to your tv via a RCA or S-video lead, confusing but useful!

06-16-02, 04:07 PM
if windows xp
try this

ok goto the control panel and delete and or remove any of the video card drivers in there then reboot the computer
when it restarts it asks you if you want xp to fix the resotulion because its in 640*480 dont click the box!!!!!! click the X and close it!!!!!!! now install the drivers you want in 640*480 and it will ask you to reboot and there you have it tv out works

06-17-02, 06:50 AM
Thanks for the Interest Chester

I followed what you said and no luck, the options I had was slightly diffrent to what you said.Here's what happened with mine -

I went to Control Panel and Uninstalled the Video Card Drivers/Software then Re-booted ask asked.
When it restarted it didn't ask to fix the resolution, the found new hardware box came up, I cancelled.
I checked the resolution in the display settings and it was set to 600x800, which is the lowest mine could go to.
I installed the new drivers in 600x800 (lowest option available) then rebooted.

But it's still the same, the TV option is greyed out in Display settings but I can get TV-Out by using TV-Tool

THANKS for you idea Chester

06-18-02, 10:08 AM
on the desktop right click and goto properties
then goto
then in there should be a tab called adapter
click on it and click on
list all modes put it 640*480 60 hertz 16 bit
it asks you to adjust displays settings close that message
and install your drivers try the 21.83

basically u must have the resolution in 640*480 before you TRY to install the nvidia drivers if not it wont work

06-20-02, 12:42 PM
Thanx again Chester,
But i've just tried what you said and It's still then same :rolleyes: