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05-10-02, 08:43 PM
Despite the obvious 33/66 Difference between AGP and PCI, which is the better one to choose, in your oppinion, keeping in mind the price-differences...

05-10-02, 08:44 PM
I accidentally posted in Software Forum.. oh well... LOL

05-10-02, 08:50 PM
AGP, why would you want PCI? AGP is a dedicated slot for your video, it is faster, that is what most good cards are coming out on, I would reccomend AGP, unless you are poor like me;)

05-11-02, 04:56 AM
Sure thing, but did you consider the price? :p

05-11-02, 04:57 AM
the only reason one would pick a PCI vidcard at this point in time is due to a hardware restriction (read: no AGP slot or wishing to run a dual-monitor setup).

AGP has more to offer than just bus speed.... sidebanding, fast-writes (for NVidia users) and a whole lot more (vidcards themselves are not my forte).

AGP hands-down. without question..... period.

05-11-02, 05:01 AM
The price? It's much higher for a PCI video card because nobody uses them. As Gamewiz said AGP is dedicated for video only and if your MB doesn't have an AGP slot it's time to upgrade.:)

05-11-02, 11:27 PM
Cool, thanks :)