View Full Version : Got my new motherboard and proc

05-09-02, 08:50 PM
Just got the new Asus P4S533 and a 1.6a. Running it at 2.13 ghz with the flip of one switch in the bios and @ 41c max...WOW!!!! Its pretty nice to be able to get such a nice o/c with stock HSF and only 1 case fan. My computer is sooooo quiet now its unbelievable.

One problem.....for some reason whenever i fiddle with plugging usb items in or what not, it randomly restarts or shuts down. It does this at default speeds too. i used the back plate that came with the motherboard. do you think it could be a grounding problem? or maybe something isnt seated properly?

things that might be pertinent:
enermax 350w psu
newest bios 1007

05-09-02, 09:08 PM
I dont know about your problem in specific but if that is the newest bios for your board then there may be bugs in it which mess up the USB stuff

05-09-02, 09:10 PM
it was happening b4 i flashed the bios. thought i would check that first. just happened while playing a game of q3 online.