View Full Version : 125FSB question

05-09-02, 08:47 PM
I habve the tusl2-c witha 1.2ghz CPU. I can manage to get the cpu at 133 fsb for sum odd reason.. newayz... the defult voltage is 1.475. i moved it up one step to 1.525 with a fsb of 125. I had it at 117 at 1.475. Will running hte fsb at 125 ruin my PCI cards and AGP cards since the outta spec??

What could be holding me back for ocin... I up the voltage all the way to 1.675 and can get up to 131fsb, but cant go ne higher... I have pc133 cas2 ram. The temps never go above 50 not exactly accurate...

05-09-02, 08:49 PM
with vcore in bios at 1.525 Asus probe dtects it at 1.6

05-09-02, 08:53 PM
update: Raised vcore up .05 and fsb 5mhz, making it 130. i can raise vcore another .1

2nd update, rasied another .05 got it up to 132.. one more step of voltage to go and one more mhz...

3rd... Got it at 133 with 1.675 voltage but got BSOD, tried again, booted into windows. Ran Temp probe and CPU burn, comp froze at 42C what is up with this.. at defauly voltage i can get really high, then the last mhz need a voltage increase.. argh...