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05-09-02, 12:09 AM
to clean a keyboard. I've got one of those $70.00 MS natural keyboards and its looking pretty bad. How do I get it good and clean?

05-09-02, 12:12 AM
damp cloth and a air brush.

05-09-02, 12:25 AM
Damp cloth ain't gonna cut it. Lets get right on down to what chemicals I can use. I've tried mild dish soap and it does a fair job but I was looking to clean it a little better than that. I heard of someone covering the ps2 end with a plastic bag and rubber band and sticking it in the dishwasher. I would give that a shot if the water here wasn't so damned hard.

05-09-02, 12:26 AM
i would just put some water or any surface cleaner, put that on the rag (lightly, not soaked) and just scrub each key individually. if its dirty under the keys, you can take a thin screw driver and pry keys up... and take a q-tip or something and clean it out.

you'll find some really interesting stuff some times...

05-09-02, 12:33 AM
I take mine apart (all the keys pop off on most keyboards), get the electronic parts out of the way, and soak the plastic stuff in bleach and dishsoap. Then scrub them rinse and dry. Looks brand new when done.
Keep in mind all my keyboards are white or off white, not black or some color that bleach would fade.

05-09-02, 12:48 AM
You know Norm, I haven't pop a key off a keyboard in 15 yrs lol. Will give it a shot.

05-09-02, 12:57 AM
I used to clean electronics for a living. Worked for a place that handled insurance claims for fire, water, and lightning damage. It amazed me at first when I had to powerwash mobos, and plug in cards etc
I always thought water and electronics didn't mix. It's ok as long as they are dry before plugging them back in.

Note - Be careful not to lose the little spring wires that are under the larger keys such as the [enter] key and spacebar

05-09-02, 01:03 AM
Norm, you and I go back a long time in this industry. Remember the old Atari 1040 ST? We were hacking those keyboards left and right to make them feel like a real keyboard.

Can't powerwash stuff here! The water is so hard that it set green fuz before it even dries.

05-09-02, 01:09 AM
I think I remember that one, was it a black keyboard?

I had the radioshack color computer, my buddy had the Vic20
lol those were the days :)
Plug into a TV , no momitor, no drives, a .89mhz cpu and 4k of ram lol
Built in Basic, and a slot for games and an editor assembler for machine code

It was a hooby for me, never went to school for any of it. Just couldn't get enough either. Then it dawned on me I CAN MAKE MONEY WITH WHAT I KNOW, figured that one out last year lol
Never wanted to lose the fun of the hobby,
I haven't yet.

05-09-02, 01:16 AM
Damn you know the first system I had was a TI994a. Couldn't buy a proggie if you had a million dollars. Coding your own. Your drive was a cheap a$$ cassette player that you could buy anywhere and monitor was a color tv.

05-09-02, 01:26 AM
I had to wait 2 years for technical reference manual for my radioshack pc. I didn't have a memory map of the machine, and couldn't do a lot of the things I was reading about without it.

About a year wait for a floppy drive. I had to use tape drives too. lol what speed. I upgraded mine to a wopping 16k of ram too, with a second rom for "extended basic" that gave a few disk commands and more graphics commands for the Basic.
Thank Bill for copy/paste lol

I almost got the Texas Instruments TI994a too, not sure why I went with the radioshack one. It might have been the cpu, it was a 6809e and it was ahead of it's time with 2 x 8 bit accumulators that could be used as one 16 bit. Fast in those days.

05-09-02, 01:31 AM
Got to give you that.... I was a big Atari fan in those early dayz. I took my 130xe system to 320k lol. They said it couldn't be done. Thats what I call hacking. My god the price of ram was almost as much as the system. Remember when things like anymore of 64k of ram couldn't be accessed at one time? Jeez when was that 1984,85?

05-09-02, 01:40 AM
I remember soldering ram on top of ram, called "piggy backing" to avoid buying the larger chips, too much money.

The 6809e could double it's speed from .89 mhz to 1.98mhz with a poke of 0 to memory location 65495 - Only worked at that speed for math computations though, no good for graphics.

Well Sid, it's been great reminicing but I gotta go to bed and try to get some sleep (it's 2:40 am here)
Take care my friend, good to see you around again.


05-09-02, 01:52 AM
Yup piggy backing ram. bend out a couple of legs of the ram, solder them together add some wire and you get more memory.

Goodnight Norm. Its been a lot of fun.

Had to stay up and have some fun, had final exam on network+ tonight and aced the test.

05-09-02, 06:36 AM
if its the MS Natural they come apart real easy, all the keys are racked and come out as components, I tear mine apart all the time for cleaning.

05-09-02, 06:50 AM
i use anything with bleach in it